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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

The Debut of Zephron Space Wizard from Magitarius


  I'm fairly certain a girl named Zephron Space Wizard tried to recruit me to join some cult/commune situation in the parking lot after a Korn concert in 1998. It was her, some other girl that was whacked out of her head on some unknown substance, and a big hairy dude who carried all of the literature.  I seem to remember when their pitch for signing up to their group didn't work they pivoted to attempt to sell me some crappy bumper stickers, which I give them credit for at least starting high and working their way down.  Unfortunately for them, I'm way less likely to part with my money than I am to talk to strangers.  

    While its just an ok name for a hippie, Zephron Space Wizard is absolutely perfect for the latest vinyl figure from Magitarius.  Standing a whopping 14 inches tall, and featuring a whole mess of bonuses like accessories and stickers, this dude also glows in the dark to fully display the breadth of his cosmic powers.  This debut edition will be available begining Friday, September 17th at 9pm eastern time exclusively from  They are limited to only 15 pieces and will retail for $265. 

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Namakubi With Sword Vinyl Figure from Magitarius

     I've contemplated many things in life, some if which I've shared with you over the years, others which I keep to myself to avoid the white van and straight jacket response they may warrant.  One thing I've never thought about was what it would take to plunge a sword through the top of someone's head so it resembles a cocktail olive.  It's something you see from time to time in traditional Japanese tattooing, but now I'm wondering how much force it would take to actually do that.  I guess depending on whether the head were still attached to the body would be a huge factor, and whether you could build enough downward thrust.  The skull is hard, but certainly not hard enough to stop a sharpened steel object, and everything inside provides about as much resistance as Jell-O that's lingered a while on a buffet.  So if it were detached, and you had something soft underneath the head to not impede the sword's forward path, I'm thinking it would be rather easy to impale some craniums and create a display that would keep aspiring thieves away from your home.   Guaranteed more effective than any "Beware of Dog" sign.

    Magitarius have created their own grotesque ode to these tattoos in soft vinyl with the first version available in blank flesh color.  I mean, if you were going to release a version that wasn't Maggot White or Blood of Thy Enemies Red, flesh would be the way to go.  Produced by Squibbles Ink, these will be on sale starting tomorrow, July 17th, at noon eastern time exclusively from  Imagine being able to take care of the decapitation enthusiast on your Christmas list already!!!!


Saturday, August 26, 2017

Resin Cthulhu Madball from Magitarius

    Even The Old Ones recognize how important a game of catch is to help a father bond with his son. Plus, the development of hand eye coordination is really important if one day you are to return to this world and decimate mankind.  Hence we have this Cthulhu Madball from the resin slinging folks at Magitarius.  Limited to just five pieces in this color scheme, each one will prepare your throwing arm in no time for that all important moment when you rise from the sea and take back what is rightfully yours.  Pick one up now over at

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Resin Reptillian Madball from Magitarius

      When I was studying forensics in college one of my textbooks had a picture of a dude who had taken copious amounts of illegal substances, sliced his entire face off with broken pieces of glass, and fed his fleshy bits to his dogs.  While the picture was pretty horrifying, the real victims were his puppies who now have an unrealistic expectation of what treat time should look like.  Good luck trying to appease them with a Milk Bone after that.  

    Sometimes when you tear your face off the results are way more neat-o than some basic muscle and bone; sometimes you reveal yourself to be a reptilian overlord.  The folks at Magitarius will make you wonder what your friends are made of with this resin Madball-style release.  Limited to nine pieces, this accurate depiction of the people that run our country are available right now for $55 each (shipping included) by checking out