Thursday, July 16, 2020

Namakubi With Sword Vinyl Figure from Magitarius

     I've contemplated many things in life, some if which I've shared with you over the years, others which I keep to myself to avoid the white van and straight jacket response they may warrant.  One thing I've never thought about was what it would take to plunge a sword through the top of someone's head so it resembles a cocktail olive.  It's something you see from time to time in traditional Japanese tattooing, but now I'm wondering how much force it would take to actually do that.  I guess depending on whether the head were still attached to the body would be a huge factor, and whether you could build enough downward thrust.  The skull is hard, but certainly not hard enough to stop a sharpened steel object, and everything inside provides about as much resistance as Jell-O that's lingered a while on a buffet.  So if it were detached, and you had something soft underneath the head to not impede the sword's forward path, I'm thinking it would be rather easy to impale some craniums and create a display that would keep aspiring thieves away from your home.   Guaranteed more effective than any "Beware of Dog" sign.

    Magitarius have created their own grotesque ode to these tattoos in soft vinyl with the first version available in blank flesh color.  I mean, if you were going to release a version that wasn't Maggot White or Blood of Thy Enemies Red, flesh would be the way to go.  Produced by Squibbles Ink, these will be on sale starting tomorrow, July 17th, at noon eastern time exclusively from  Imagine being able to take care of the decapitation enthusiast on your Christmas list already!!!!


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