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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Celebrate Alien Day with Super7


    Tuesday, April 26 has been officially dubbed "Alien Day".  I don't know if this was something symbolic that they did in congress, I just know I don't have the day off from work to celebrate it to its full potential.  I'm sure it was just some oversight, what with all the primaries and election thingys going on now.  All the important business seems to slip through the cracks.

   The best part about Alien Day is that Super7 is releasing new toys to commemorate it.  You could get yourself a sweet retro action figure case with an exclusive glow in the dark Alien inside, a 3 pack of the Nostromo crew members in special packaging just for the day, or the new 6 inch soft vinyl debut of the Alien Queen in collaboration with Secret Base.  Everything will be available in Super7 stores beginning at 11am pacific time and then online for the rest of us at 7pm pacific time.  

Thursday, March 19, 2015

"Green Slime" Sofubi Alien from Super7 x Secret Base

    I have yet to learn my lesson about staying off of social media during holidays.  A few days ago was St.Patrick's Day and Facebook was flooded with either pictures of leprechauns or people drinking.  Essentially, it was boring.  The only thing good that can come of it will be when everyone posts all the stupid stuff they did while extremely intoxicated.  Hopefully I'll get to read a good story or two, whether they admit to it themselves or I see it in the news.

    The only redeeming part of St. Patrick's Day for me is that everything is green, which just so happens to be my favorite color.  Not that you would necessarily know that by looking at what I wear or the stuff I own, but it was always a favorite when I was a kid so I'm sticking with it.  Which Is why I'm going to go a head and declare this "Green Slime" Alien figure the best one yet.  I don't know how Super7 and Secret Base are gonna top this see through green vinyl figure accented by a very nice black paint rub, but that doesn't mean they won't try.  These beauties go on sale Friday,  March 20th at noon pacific time from  

Friday, November 14, 2014

Super7 x Secret Base Soft Vinyl Alien Pre-Order

    These vinyl Alien figures have been nearly impossible to get and have left a lot of people with no alternative other than to bang their heads into a wall until the part of their brain that wanted one to begin with is bruised into forgetting.  Trust me, it's far less painful than seeing everyone you follow on Instagram post pictures of all the fun things they're doing with their Aliens, while you sit at home nurturing that growing void in your heart.  Stop your bellyaching cause Super7 and Secret Base are making everything ok with this open edition figure.  What that means for you is that you have from tomorrow until November 30th to preorder this glow in the dark bro.  They will be made to order so everyone who wants one will get one.  No more paying ridiculous eBay prices or having to patch forehead size holes in your living room.