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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Batman Dorbz from Funko's Vinyl Sugar Line

    Now I for one prefer my Batman a little dark and gritty, but being that I'm no longer a teenager with a closet full of band shirts and a bad attitude (ok, so I got older but the other two still stand) I'm trying to appreciate the cuter things in life.  Like these Dorbz figures from Funko's Vinyl Sugar division.  They totally make me not angry while watching a Subway commercial with that Jarad guy who lost all the weight eating those gross sandwiches.  No one is impressed any more ya idiot!  I mean, no big deal, look how cute these figures are.  Total meltdown avoided.  ( there actually was a Subway commercial on while I typed this by the way.  It's like I've invited you right into my living room without having to awkwardly wait for you to leave).   Pick up these precious little crime fighters and villains this June.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

DC Vinyl Vixens Line from Funko

    Have you been watching Gotham?  I've been enjoying the show myself, as it's a much different take on the whole Batman universe than we're used to seeing.  The show has introduced just about every villain you can think of, though as of right now they are just strange little kids who have yet to realize their full psychopathic potential.  

    They're kind of deceiving, like these Vinyl Vixen figures from Funko's new Vinyl Sugar division.  Sure they look all innocent, but one day they'll leave a pile of bodies in their wake that's not nearly as metaphorical as those of the average woman.  All three of Batman's favorite ladies will available everywhere this month.