Monday, March 5, 2012

New Ninja of the Month from Shawnimals

     What's this? Why it's the newest Ninja of the Month from Shawnimals! This guy is all decked out as an entire galaxy, which is a lot for a wee little ninja to live up to. You can bring the wonders of space and martial arts into your life on March 7th for only $30. And of course each one is handmade and limited to only 100 pieces. Get yours by clicking here.

New Qees from Frank Kozik

    I posted a picture of this guy last week, but now I have conformation that this design from Frank Kozik will be made into a 36" Qee from Toy2r. The retail price has not been set, but they are usually $2800 so I would expect that to remain true for this one. I'm kinda disturbed with myself because I thought about spending my tax return on one of these. Not that I would actually do it, or that my wife would let me, but the thought crossed my mind. How cool would it be to have a toy that stands 3 feet tall just hanging out in your house? One day.

    Now check out this gem that I came across on ye olde Facebook. This dead cosmonaut Qee will be available in both 5" and 8" versions and may possibly even be made into a 36" behemoth as well. This will also see daylight this year and is a must own for me.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Custom Toy of the Week: Anthony Devito

     Somewhere lurking under this adorable Boston Terrier is a Dunny figure.  This amazing transformation is the work of toy customizer Anthony Devito, who hails from the great state of Maryland.  He's been making toys for quite some time now, but this one really stood out to me.

    He's also working on his own resin figures called Snurps.  He did this one as a mock up, so they may or may not look like this when he's finished.

Check him out on Facebook to see more pictures of his work and to get your hands on some originals.

Siamese Kaiju Negora from Max Toy Co.

    In my humble opinion (which I feel the need to share on a regular basis) cats are the only thing worthwhile on the internet.  Sure, there's tons of other things that could "expand my horizons" or "make me a better person" but who cares about that crap.  I want to see cats doing funny things with funny words describing them written on the picture.  Before the internet you had to hope that your kitties were willing to be entertaining otherwise you were missing out on just how great they can be.

    The internet has also shown me how great toys made to resemble cats are.  Specifically this Siamese Kaiju Negora from Max Toy Co.  I write about these every time a new one comes out because they are one of my absolute favorite designs and because cats are the most important thing you will ever see on your computer.  Now here's the sad part.  Most of these will be bought up by Max Toy Co. members (which means I should probably join) but the left over ones will be available today starting at 8am Pacific time.  So ignore the LoL Cats momentarily and get to ordering this kitty and his fish pal. 

Fancy Up Your House With These Garage Kits

    Add some class and refinement to your place with these garage kits from Tim Bruckner.  Just imagine how impressed your friends and relatives would be if you had a bronze bust of Beethoven sitting next to your Backyard Wrestling DVDs.  Now I know what you're gonna do.  You're gonna buy this, or the Frankenstein's Monster, or the Cyrano and you're gonna paint Kiss makeup on them.  To be honest, it was my first thought as well.  It's only natural that any of us would want to do that, because it will never not be cool.  Ok, since they're only $30 each, you can buy two and paint one like Kiss and make one look nice.  Check out to order these any many more cool items from this master sculptor.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Toy Thursday from Super7

    This is Double Trouble Zagarad.  You probably wouldn't want to be bitten by this guy because he has some wicked looking teeth.  Those things would gnaw you right down the bone.  But you would want to add him to your collection, since he looks pretty cool in that swirled vinyl.  He's available today at noon Pacific time from Super7 for only $35.

You Like to Paint Toys? Then You Need Dweey

    This little guy has been out for quite sometime, but he is pretty rare to see in America, so I figured that maybe others had missed him too.  His name is Dweey and he is a customizable vinyl toy from Malaysia created by my friend Luk Chee Chew. What is cool about this toy is that he is split into two parts that are held together with magnets.  Oh, and Dweey is not a cow, he is a short necked giraffe.

    I doesn't look like there is a distributor in America for this guy right now, but there are a couple of places you can order from online that do stock this unique character.  One is called BoxWhat and for about $12 US you can get one of these guys sent to you (plus shipping of course).