Friday, March 2, 2012

Siamese Kaiju Negora from Max Toy Co.

    In my humble opinion (which I feel the need to share on a regular basis) cats are the only thing worthwhile on the internet.  Sure, there's tons of other things that could "expand my horizons" or "make me a better person" but who cares about that crap.  I want to see cats doing funny things with funny words describing them written on the picture.  Before the internet you had to hope that your kitties were willing to be entertaining otherwise you were missing out on just how great they can be.

    The internet has also shown me how great toys made to resemble cats are.  Specifically this Siamese Kaiju Negora from Max Toy Co.  I write about these every time a new one comes out because they are one of my absolute favorite designs and because cats are the most important thing you will ever see on your computer.  Now here's the sad part.  Most of these will be bought up by Max Toy Co. members (which means I should probably join) but the left over ones will be available today starting at 8am Pacific time.  So ignore the LoL Cats momentarily and get to ordering this kitty and his fish pal. 

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