Monday, March 19, 2012

Secret Base x Toy Art Gallery Spongebob X-Ray

    Ever wondered what was going on inside Spongebob?  No, me neither, because a real sponge has absolutely nothing happening in its innards.  Just little holes everywhere that are good for little more than scrubbing your bathtub (which is filthy by the way).  But I have been proven wrong by the combined efforts of Secret Base and Toy Art Gallery who present this Spongebob X-Ray figure.  Standing at 5 inches tall, this pants wearing kitchen tool is exposing himself for the world to see that there is more to him than previously thought by science.  He has a skeleton!!!!  I guess that makes sense since he does have teeth and whatnot, but still I am shocked by this revelation.

    You can own this figure and a cool t-shirt for $185 right now by checking out:

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