Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wondercon Releases from Frombie

     Most of the times when a toy company has a booth at a convention they bring one or two things with them that are exclusive for the attendees.  Usually they make a different color of a toy, special packaging, etc. etc.  Frombie evidently doesn't believe in the minimalist approach and is bringing a whole truckload of releases to this years Wondercon.  I hope you have a few minutes, because this may take a bit.

    First up we have the all gold Artifact Zora.  This vinyl figure stand 6 inches tall and is limited to only 10 pieces at their booth.  Each one also comes signed and numbered.

   Now we're gonna mix things up a bit.  This Glow in the Dark SB figure is available starting 11am Eastern time March 16th in their online store.  An exclusive not available at the convention?  That's what we need more of, since not all of us live in California and are able to attend.  If only all toy companies would do something similar for all of the big events.  Only 25 of this guy exist and I'm sure they won't last long.  

    Oh, you need something softer, more cuddly in your life (I know that's what you were thinking cause I'm in your head, man)?  Then check out all these plush characters.  These will be available at Wondercon and are only $20 each.

    Of course that's not all they have planned for this year, as you can see by the checklist above.  They even have a resin figure in collaboration with Erick Scarecrow that will see the light of day soon.  It looks to be the biggest year yet from the folks at Frombie.

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