Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spider Baby Boom Artist Series from Toy2r

    Whenever the misses and I check into a hotel room I have two things that I must do immediately.

1.) Check under the mattress for dead hookers.

2.) Check under the sheets for any signs of bed bugs.

    Bed bugs are the reason I am no longer allowed to watch the Discovery Channel unsupervised.  Does it get much freakier than some irritating little critters draining you of your blood while you sleep? I didn't think so and you're welcome for your new phobia.

    The Spider Baby Boom toys have always reminded me of something that looks harmless, but would probably kill you if you gave it the chance.  This series features some pretty cool designs from some pretty well known artists.  You have Jon-Paul Kaiser, Lunabee, Sneaky Raccoon, MCA, and Pocket Wookie to name a few.  Have you ever noticed that many artists, like rappers, don't use their real names.  Do you think its cause they have warrants?

    These will be blind boxed and available sometime this year.

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