Friday, March 30, 2012

Custom Toys of the Week: Sen and Fuller

    These awesome Monkey King Dunnys were made by Sen.  I was planning on telling you where you could purchase them, but they're already sold out.  It's no wonder because they do not suck.  You can check out more of his toys that are also not available anymore by going to

     I like me some Batman as you may well know and these Mini Munny versions of The Scarecrow and Killer Croc by James Fuller are great interpretations of two classic bad guys.  If you have a spare $250 you can own these guys right now by checking out  The amount of detail he gets in every figure blows me away every time I see one.

Both of these guys deserve their own production toys and hopefully a company will come along and make it happen.  In the mean time save your pennies and get their customs while you still can.

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