Monday, March 5, 2012

New Qees from Frank Kozik

    I posted a picture of this guy last week, but now I have conformation that this design from Frank Kozik will be made into a 36" Qee from Toy2r. The retail price has not been set, but they are usually $2800 so I would expect that to remain true for this one. I'm kinda disturbed with myself because I thought about spending my tax return on one of these. Not that I would actually do it, or that my wife would let me, but the thought crossed my mind. How cool would it be to have a toy that stands 3 feet tall just hanging out in your house? One day.

    Now check out this gem that I came across on ye olde Facebook. This dead cosmonaut Qee will be available in both 5" and 8" versions and may possibly even be made into a 36" behemoth as well. This will also see daylight this year and is a must own for me.

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