Thursday, June 18, 2020

Baby Haruo Nakajima Custom Lottery from Plaseebo

    I don't have any kids and never really felt the need to, though I could be easily persuaded to change my mind if it could be guaranteed that this is how they would come out.  I would happily build an army of Godzilla babies and change my name to Christopher Targaryen, Bringer of Woe, Father of Lizard Children.  And it may not be that far fetched, as a place I used to work had a microwave in the back room that was at waist level and had a hole in the door.  Not that I ever used it, because honestly it was gross, but I'm sure some radiation lingered from everyone else warming their Hot Pockets and salisbury steaks.

   This may be the closest I come to realizing my new dream of having a Godzilla baby, and I don't think it could have come from anyone else other than Plaseebo.  His work is deeply rooted in a more psychological horror rather than relying on just being gross.  There's a subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) feeling of unease that his pieces evoke, while at the same time being utterly fascinating to look at.  This one of a kind figure is no exception, and for the chance to add him to your collection, this is what you have to do:
To enter lottery, please send the following to: 

1.  Name

2.  Shipping Address 

3.  Country

4.  Telephone Number

5.  PayPal Email Address

6.  Instagram ID

Lottery winner will receive notification email by June 22nd. Figure will ship upon receipt of payment due by June 23rd.

This nine inch monster baby will be $650 plus shipping to whoever is lucky enough to win.  You only have until Sunday June 21st to enter.

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  1. Thank you for your post Chris. Love your intro story and hope you are still viable.