Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Rand and Nance Action Figures from Middle Class Fancy

    When I'm up at five in the morning to feed my cats and prevent the one with dietary restrictions from eating food she shouldn't, there's nothing I'd rather do then scroll the hilarity that is Middle Class Fancy.  A celebration of suburban mediocrity,  their Instagram account has brought a healthy dose of joy to my life while providing a blueprint of phrases and behaviors to avoid like the plague.  Yeah, ok, who hasn't said "looks like we got here just in time" when the Chili's gets really busy right after you're seated. And after the meal, don't act like you haven't also asked your date whether they were "ready to rock and roll", implying that while this part of the night may be over, the chardonnay is just kicking in and you remember she brought home a little something racy from her last trip to TJ Maxx.  Rock and roll indeed.  

    Rand and Nance are the quintessential married couple whose shenanigans play out in countless memes and now they have been immortalized in action figure form.  You can buy them individually, or buy them together and save a couple of bucks to put towards your next pair of New Balance.  Get yours at

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