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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Sharon Stone from Basic Instinct 1/4 Scale Figure from Blitzway

    Is there a scene in movie history that caused such a commotion for teenage boys around the world?  Now for those of you youngsters that don't know, this movie was originally released on VHS, an archaic medium that used large magnetic tape to store a film.  There was no internet, certainly no Youtube, so when word got around the school that Sharon Stone exposed her most secret of secrets on film you had to put in work if you wanted to see it.  You had to find someone whose parents owned the tape, then they had to somehow sneak it out of the house, then you either had to have a group viewing (which was gonna lead to some awkward moments) or you had to pass it around your circle of friends which could theoretically take a month until everyone saw it.  All of this while the kid who borrowed the tape was nervous that he was going to get the beating of his life if he got caught.  You kids have no idea how easy you really have it.  

    There is a 100% chance that the first thing anyone does when they buy this is to check its anatomical accuracy.  Now I don't know whether or not they got every detail (you freaks) but Blitzway certainly seems to have had no problem reproducing that famous interrogation scene.  This figure is over a foot tall and about as realistic as you could possibly get without traveling back in time and paying the real Sharon Stone to hang out in your living room.  Trust me, this is more affordable and won't lead to a restraining order.

   You can pre-order this right now from Bluefin for $429.99 with an expected release date of February 2018.  

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Tamashii Nations S.H. Figuarts Action Figures from WWE

    When I was a kid, the only wrestling toys we had were these giant rubber dudes with zero articulation and their only move consisted of banging into each other.  There was also a ring you could buy which added such exciting moves as "bouncing off the ropes to bang into each other" and "flying off the top rope to bang into each other."  It was the least amount of action in any figure ever.   Fast forward to the present and things have changed quite a bit, though I doubt anyone is going to let their kids play with these.  

    Tamashii Nations has added the WWE to their line of S. H. Figuarts action figures and the results are pretty awesome.  Featuring a mind blowing 30 points of articulation and interchangeable parts, each figure can not only perform all of the classic finishing moves you love, but do them with impeccable style.  Bluefin has made these available in North America and right now you can relive the famous rivalry of Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock.  Hit the People's Elbow, land a Stone Cold Stunner, or just have them cut awesome promos on each other (awesome promos not included).  And later this week you can add Triple H to the mix because you know Vince McMahon loves a triple threat match whenever he can get one.  The Undertaker and Kane will be available starting in July, giving you nearly enough to plan out your own Royal Rumble.  Pick em up now over at Ringside Collectibles