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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Flat Bonnie DesignerCon Exclusives

    I love the creations of Flat Bonnie, because not only does she create the cutest hand sewn critters in existence but she also raises money and awareness for real life animals.  So I was beyond excited to see that two of her designs will be featured as part of the DesignerCon Dunny series from Kidrobot.  One of her designs has the distinction of being the first ever plush 3 inch Dunny while the other one continues her fight for our Earth's creatures by speaking out against shark fin harvesting.

     Of course she will have her own booth as well, filled with the 2 dimensional creatures she's known for.  Check out all the exclusives that you can find later this week a booth number 802:

Dobichan - Monochrome Edition
DesignerCon 2018 Exclusive - $50 each
9" tall - Limited Edition Plush
Special DesignerCon tag and numbered sewn in label.
Made of vinyl pleather (Animal friendly materials).

Flat Knuckle Bear - collaboration with Touma
DesignerCon 2018 Exclusive - $60 each
11" tall - Limited Edition Plush
Special DesignerCon tag and numbered sewn in label.
Made of vinyl pleather (Animal friendly materials).

Flat MAOCAT - collaboration with Touma
DesignerCon 2018 Exclusive - $40 each
7" tall - Limited Edition Plush
Special DesignerCon tag and numbered sewn in label.
Made of vinyl pleather (Animal friendly materials).

Momo the Anxious Axolotl (Holiday Ornament/Charm)
Designercon 2018 Exclusive - $20 each
5" wide x 3.25" tall - Limited Edition
Special DesignerCon tag and numbered sewn in label.
Made of vinyl pleather (Animal friendly materials)

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Mini 'Mees Pocket Daruma from Gary Ham x Flat Bonnie

    Sharon and I recently checked out Craters of The Moon National Park in Idaho and aside from being the closest thing I'll ever get to walking on a different planet, they also have bat caves you can explore.  I was all about that so we got our permit from the visitor center and set off looking for the trails leading to these caves.  We were excited until we actually found one and was informed that it was a two mile walk to get to it.  Now that wouldn't have been a big deal had we not already spent three days in Yellowstone walking miles upon miles on terrain that only seemed to go up hill and rarely down.  Add the altitude in there and my nickname could have easily been Weezy.  So as much as I wanted to see the bats, I also wanted to be able to make it back to the car without the assistance of a rescue chopper.  

    Flat Bonnie and Gary Ham have saved the day with this Pocket Daruma.  Now I can see a bat whenever I want without being the subject matter of some park ranger's hilarious tale.  This little dude is as cute as they come and is ready to hang anywhere you can imagine for maximum enjoyment.  There will only be twenty of these vinyl plushies ever made and you can preorder one for yourself this Friday, October the 13th and noon pacific time.  Each nearly four inch piece will be $31 and will only be available from  I'm thinking some little viking bunnies would be pretty dang cute, what do you guys think?

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Flat Bonnie Wants You to "Adopt a Plush - Save a Bunny" This Easter

    What the hell is wrong with people that they think giving a kid a live animal as a present is a good idea?  Kids are little terror demons sent to punish us, yet every year at Easter parents have the notion that it would be so cute to get them a rabbit to take care of.  The only way that could be a reasonable thing to do is if the rabbit is virtual and lives in an app on their phone, because God bless you if you can get a kid to pay attention to anything else.  There should be a law, but there won't be because of the Illuminati and stuff, so we're just gonna have to put an end to this practice ourselves.

    Rally behind the army that is Flat Bonnie, who is spearheading this campaign for reasonableness by encouraging people to adopt a plush critter for their kids rather than a real one this Easter.  For a mere $23 you not only can have one of her awesome creations, but a portion of the proceeds will be donated to helping animal organizations.  That's like doing good twice, which is a month's worth for me.  

     Now by all means if you're a responsible adult who can afford to take good care of an animal then you should give some lucky little fuzzies a forever home.  Open your hearts, but use your head.  

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Flat Bonnie Exclusives for Designer Con

     The only time I want to see critters look like they've been squashed by an eighteen wheeler is when they are created by Flat Bonnie.  Seriously, on my way to work it's like the contents of a zoo are strewn about on the road.  Stop driving like morons and look out for our fuzzy friends.  If you must hit something with your car aim for another human being, because there are way more of them and not enough raccoons in the world.  This has been a public service announcement by People for the Unethical Treatment of Other People and Stuff or P.U.T.O.P.S for short.  

   Look at these.  LOOK AT THESE!!!!!!!!!  They're friggin adorable.  I would call out sick every day and snuggle with them while watching Golden Girls reruns and getting fat off of Cheez-Itz.  That's a real American dream.  

    Flat Bonnie is gonna have booth of these critters at Designer Con this weekend at booth number 316.  The Jackalope is a special Frozen edition and limited to only 10 pieces, while Sparg the Babdy Dragon (pictured below) is limited to 20 pieces.  Each on is $50, exclusive to this show, and even comes with an adoption certificate in case you get investigated by the authorities and need to document your plush children for some reason.  You can never be too careful.