Thursday, November 6, 2014

Flat Bonnie Exclusives for Designer Con

     The only time I want to see critters look like they've been squashed by an eighteen wheeler is when they are created by Flat Bonnie.  Seriously, on my way to work it's like the contents of a zoo are strewn about on the road.  Stop driving like morons and look out for our fuzzy friends.  If you must hit something with your car aim for another human being, because there are way more of them and not enough raccoons in the world.  This has been a public service announcement by People for the Unethical Treatment of Other People and Stuff or P.U.T.O.P.S for short.  

   Look at these.  LOOK AT THESE!!!!!!!!!  They're friggin adorable.  I would call out sick every day and snuggle with them while watching Golden Girls reruns and getting fat off of Cheez-Itz.  That's a real American dream.  

    Flat Bonnie is gonna have booth of these critters at Designer Con this weekend at booth number 316.  The Jackalope is a special Frozen edition and limited to only 10 pieces, while Sparg the Babdy Dragon (pictured below) is limited to 20 pieces.  Each on is $50, exclusive to this show, and even comes with an adoption certificate in case you get investigated by the authorities and need to document your plush children for some reason.  You can never be too careful.   

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