Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Exclusive Releases from Plaseebo at Designer Con

    People that live in California have way too much to do.  This past weekend not only did you have Stan Lee's Comikaze, but you had a convention for Hello Kitty.  My wife would have lost her mind to go to Hello Kitty Con.  Between the two of them we would have ended up homeless, but with piles of cool new stuff.  And this weekend you have Designer Con, which is the equivalent of a crack convention for junkies.  It costs next to nothing to get in and it's row upon row of fiscal irresponsibleness/stuff to make your shelves look top notch.  Screw bringing your credit cards; bring a loan officer from your bank.  

    Plaseebo will be setting up his wares here for the first time ever at the Gorgoloid booth # 933.  Check out the picture above for the awesome stuff that will haunt your dreams for years to come.  

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