Thursday, November 13, 2014

"New Maps of the Abyss " featuring Arik Roper x Skinner at The Cotton Candy Machine

    Art doesn't have to suck.  Art is not all about some weirdo glueing a screwdriver to a urinal, or those crappy prints that you're forced to stare at in your doctor's waiting room.  It should make you feel something, whether you just like how something looks, or whether it makes you want to charge into battle, double fisting a couple broad swords, while "Reign in Blood" is blasted from the heavens.  If the latter speaks to your Lord of the Rings-loving soul, then do I have the place for you to be tomorrow night.

    The Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn is presenting "New Maps of the Abyss" featuring the work of Arik Roper and Skinner.  This is gonna take you back to the time when you were hiding in the basement in your Iron Maiden t-shirt, playing Dungeons and Dragons with your friends.  These are your most vivid fantasies, your darkest fears, brought to life and ready to hang on your wall.

    The event starts at 7pm and both artists will be in attendance.  

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