Thursday, November 20, 2014

NECA Buys Kidrobot, Appoints Frank Kozik as King of All Designer Toys

    Thankfully people now have something to talk about other than Bill Cosby, how cold it is outside, and whether Obama is responsible for both.  Yesterday it was announced that uber detailed action figure company NECA had purchased Kidrobot for four magic beans and a Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card (kidding, I'm sure it involved more money than I've ever seen) and that Frank Kozik is the new creative director.  What does that mean for us collector folk?  Well, it probably means that our bank statements are gonna make us a little sadder each month because more of our funds will be diverted into buying cool toys that otherwise may not have existed.  While I'm sure it will take some time before the impact is felt in the product (toy making is slow business) you couldn't ask for anyone better to be in such an important position.  Not only does he create, but he collects, and he's been involved in every aspect you can be in the designer toy world.  Plus, he likes cats and you can trust a man that likes cats.

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