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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Monster Beach Party Custom Show At Mothership in Philadelphia

    In New Jersey a tourist was recently impaled in the ankle by a flying beach umbrella.  Strong winds lifted it from it's place in the sand and planted it firmly through her awaiting flesh.  Umbrellas are not at all sword like so the force behind that sucker must have been impressive.  I've witnessed something similar, though impalement was not at all involved.  Where I work the orientation of the buildings causes a wind tunnel effect whenever the weather is bad and someone thought that would be the perfect place to put picnic tables.  In the middle of each one is a large umbrella that no matter what the weather is like is never tethered down or removed.  We had some pretty bad winds one day and one of these umbrellas kept getting blown out into the parking lot.  I would go and retrieve it and put it back until after the second time when the problem was taken care of by nature.  A gust of wind came along, lifted the umbrella straight into the air, and flung it onto our roof.  The thing shot up like a rocket over 20 feet high before flipping upside down with a thud.  No impalement though, sorry.

   The beach is a dangerous place, though I doubt being run through by someone's shady respite wasn't tops on your fears list.  So the beach is the perfect place for monsters to gather and enjoy the summer.  Mothership Gallery has taken that idea and based an entire toy show around it, appropriately titled Monster Beach Party.  This show is no holds barred, so you may see customs, originals, who the hell knows what else.  As with any Mothership show there will be a ton of artists involved, all of which you can see in the poster.  The show opens Saturday, July 28th at 6pm and online sales of the pieces (for those who can't make it to Philadelphia) will start at 7pm at  

Monday, May 14, 2018

Stranger Than Fiction Kaiju Show at Mothership Gallery

    I thought I'd see the return of the Stanley Cup to Philadelphia before anyone ever put on a custom kaiju show, but alas Mothership Gallery made it happen with their event, Stranger Than Fiction.  As per usual I was working the night of the opening, but I went the day after and took a literal butt ton of pictures for you to peruse at your leisure.  Head over to to see them all and pick up what's still available for purchase at

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Who Cares Bears Custom Show at Mothership in Philadelphia

   This past Sunday I was able to check out the "Who Cares Bears" custom show that Mothership hosted in Philadelphia.  A ton of artists were featured and they utilized the various Care Bear toys that Kidrobot has released over the last year as the basis for their work.  I was really impressed by everything I saw, especially because a lot of those artists featured were previously unknown to me. It's always nice to see fresh perspectives when it comes to art toys and not just the same reheated pop culture references (there was not one Star Wars reference to be found).  

    A few pieces from the show are still available by visiting and you can see even more of my pictures at   

Friday, May 5, 2017

JFury x Playful Gorilla Present "Animal Instincts" Tonight at Mothership Gallery

    The weather outside today sucks.  it's supposed to rain and be overcast and depressing which means if you're like me (my condolences to your family) then your motivation level will also be stuck on zero.   Break out of that meteorological funk by checking out JFury's and Playful Gorilla's Animal Instincts show tonight at Mothership in Philadelphia.  It's bunny versus ape in a flurry of custom figures featuring their very recognizable styles.  There's even an after party with a DJ and everything!  The show is tonight from 6-9pm at 223 W. Girard and will feature giveaways, food, and of course tons of custom toys to purchase.  

Friday, March 31, 2017

Funko Fools Day at Mothership in Philly

    April Fool's Day is typically reserved for making us all look dumb.  You can't believe anything anyone tells you unless you see proof that has been notarized with a verifiable chain of custody and sworn to under penalty of death.  Even then you still have to be suspicious, cause some folks would literally die to pull a fast one on you.  Fear not though, for there is safe harbor for you on this day filled with lies because Mothership Art Gallery and Designer Toy Store is hosting Funko Fools Days.  You can trade Pop Vinyl figures, see crazy custom ones, or just hang out until you are safe from all trickery.  Everything you need to know is in the picture there and if I'm reading it correctly they even have snacks!  I ran out of snacks days ago but hate going to the grocery store so instead I just complain about it.  


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

It's a Very Munny Christmas at the Mothership Art Gallery

    If anyone was to ever ask my advice, which surprisingly no one ever has, the number one thing I would instill in them is at a young age pick a career that you will love and will give you freedom.  That second part is important, cause you can trick yourself into loving what you do to a certain extent through tried and true brainwashing techniques, but freedom is more than a state of mind.  Freedom doesn't leave you beholden to a company that sees you as an easily replaceable part in their larger machine.  Freedom doesn't leave you feeling trapped and hopeless.  No, freedom allows you to write your own ticket and tons of other cliche things that are escaping me right now.  Freedom also allows you to not miss cool events because no one else will work for you even after you explain to them that your happiness is in direct relation to how miserable you can make them.  It's simple math folks.   

    The Mothership Art Gallery is a relatively new store in Philadelphia that I still haven't made it out to see yet, and sadly I will not be able to break that streak this Friday when they host A Very Munny Christmas show.  Literally a butt ton of artists are participating with custom Munny ornaments from Kidrobot and a blind box resin series to boot.  All the details you need are in the picture so you can go and hang out and get some affordable custom figures/tree decorations.  One day I'll make it there.  One day.