Thursday, July 26, 2018

Monster Beach Party Custom Show At Mothership in Philadelphia

    In New Jersey a tourist was recently impaled in the ankle by a flying beach umbrella.  Strong winds lifted it from it's place in the sand and planted it firmly through her awaiting flesh.  Umbrellas are not at all sword like so the force behind that sucker must have been impressive.  I've witnessed something similar, though impalement was not at all involved.  Where I work the orientation of the buildings causes a wind tunnel effect whenever the weather is bad and someone thought that would be the perfect place to put picnic tables.  In the middle of each one is a large umbrella that no matter what the weather is like is never tethered down or removed.  We had some pretty bad winds one day and one of these umbrellas kept getting blown out into the parking lot.  I would go and retrieve it and put it back until after the second time when the problem was taken care of by nature.  A gust of wind came along, lifted the umbrella straight into the air, and flung it onto our roof.  The thing shot up like a rocket over 20 feet high before flipping upside down with a thud.  No impalement though, sorry.

   The beach is a dangerous place, though I doubt being run through by someone's shady respite wasn't tops on your fears list.  So the beach is the perfect place for monsters to gather and enjoy the summer.  Mothership Gallery has taken that idea and based an entire toy show around it, appropriately titled Monster Beach Party.  This show is no holds barred, so you may see customs, originals, who the hell knows what else.  As with any Mothership show there will be a ton of artists involved, all of which you can see in the poster.  The show opens Saturday, July 28th at 6pm and online sales of the pieces (for those who can't make it to Philadelphia) will start at 7pm at  

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