Thursday, July 5, 2018

The Witch Black Phillip Figure from Readful Things

   Black Phillip! Black Phillip!  Oh, the fun songs that little heathens make up.  I just saw The Witch a few weeks ago and here are my thoughts on the film.  For one I was really thankful for closed captioning because I could not understand anything anyone was saying.  Secondly, you should never go anywhere near a house that is all by itself in the woods because it is either filled with witches or rural crackheads, neither of whom you want biting you.  And lastly, the devil didn't really have to spend much for souls back in the day.  All he did was mention butter and she couldn't wait to sign her life away.  Now he has to at least shell out for an iPhone or a Maserratti before he can convince anyone that eternal damnation sounds like a worthy trade.  Inflation truly hits everyone.

   I am thankful for the bootleggers out there who are working hard creating the action figures that regular toy companies are neglecting, and this Black Phillip toy from Readful Things is genius.  You can own everyone's favorite bad idea goat when he goes on sale this Friday, July 6th, at  

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