Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jon Paul Kaiser x Toy2r NYCC Exclusive

Breaking news: the world is officially out of plastic because Jon Paul Kaiser has managed to use every bit of it. Not that I'm complaining mind you, cause I love what he does, but this man is a machine. I think this is how his days are: "Well, nothing on tv, let's release a new toy." He is a toy blogger's dream come true because I never lack for things to write about.
Ok, now onto actual business: JPK and Toy2r are planning to release this special "Pieces of Eight" edition of Captain Sturnbrau at New York Comic Con. He's all black with silver spray and will be uber limited. You can find the Cap'n at the Toy2r/Tenacious Toys booth and the man behind the madness himself will be there to sign all of his new toys on Saturday. I hope they have an ice bag ready for Jon's hand, cause he's gonna be a busy fellow.

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