Monday, September 5, 2011

Star Wars Train Set from the Bradford Exchange

In the old West outlaws would rob trains as a means of supporting their crazy lifestyles. In modern times, trains now rob you to support George Lucas's crazy notion that you want him to keep making changes to the original trilogy (seriously, stop trying to ruin it for me). Star Wars has teamed up with over priced collectible company The Bradford Exchange to create this galactic themed train set. For $69.99 (plus $9.99 shipping and handling) they will send you one train car and pieces of the track. It's not until your third fleecing some months later that they actually send you the power pack so you can make the whole thing work. That's $210 before you can enjoy it in any capacity. This may be he meanest post I've ever made and most of it does stem from the recent changes that Mr. Lucas has made to the movies I hold so dear. But come on guys, you couldn't have sold this thing at Target for $100?

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