Monday, September 26, 2011

myplasticheart x Shawnimals NYCC Exclusive

Pork is the perfect food. Everybody knows it and those that don't should not kid themselves. But even pork can go bad, so I don't recommend leaving it out in the sun, or not cooking it all the way. Thankfully as a public service, myplasticheart and Shawnimals have come together to show us just what happens when pork takes the wrong path. Shawnimals will be selling the orange "Crime Scene" dumpling at his booth and myplasticheart will be selling the black "Guilty as Charged" edition at theirs. Both are limited to only 50 hand painted pieces and will retail for $12 each. And don't be a jerk and just buy one or the other leaving some poor lonely soul with a murderous pork dumpling with no victim or vice versa. Get them both and play CSI with you favorite vinyl food.

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