Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Super 7 Teaser

When I was in third grade this kid and I got into an argument and for some reason he proceeded to bite me on my arm. After a swift kick to his midsection I was then treated by the principle to a lesson is why there is no justice in the world. Years later I still cringe when thinking about my vampire attack, but this cookie dude seems like he's totally ok with getting munched on. His name is Foster and he is just that tough. The guy bitting him is named Power Mister and something tells me he wouldn't even care if his tasty little buddy was crying in pain. This Friday you can get them both and see how the rest of this epic battle plays out in your own house. Just log onto the Super 7 website on September 23rd, give em your money, and the fine folks there will be happy to send you these two little minions.

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