Tuesday, November 8, 2011

DC Universe All Stars in 2012

    The nice folks at Mattycollector.com decided to post a preview of the new DC Universe All-Stars line that will be released in 2012.  Start figuring out ways to sell the Christmas presents you don't want so you can buy these.  The orange guy above is named Larfleeze, which sounds like something you could contract from a beach in New Jersey.

    Flashpoint Plastic Man.  Looks like someone you would meet in a club at the beach in New Jersey.

    Superboy Prime.  Plastic Man's wing dude.  Always falling on those grenades so Plastic Man can succeed in his mission.

 And finally Batman Beyond.  There is absolutely nothing funny, nor Jersey related about Batman.  Accept that they are filming scenes for the next Dark Night film in Newark.  I guess they figure if you go where it's already crime infested you don't have to pay union wages for bad guys.

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