Monday, November 28, 2011

Introducing Creo Design

    I'd love to take credit and say that I did a massive amount of work in discovering the folks at Creo Design, but they in fact found me.  What makes that even better is that the toys they are producing are really cool and different from what I'm used to.  Check out guy above named Lawhill.  He was designed by Akinori Oishi and is based on a place in Scotland that the artist had never actually seen before.  For you history buffs you can read a little about it here.  Creating a character based on the design of a physical place is not something I've seen before and possibly why I find this guy so fascinating.  Check out their store if you're as smitten with it as I am.

   Next year you'll also be able to purchase Chebaka from Russian artist Serg Basargin.  Very minimal design wise, yet it still grabs your attention and leads to many possibilities in the realm of customization.  Hopefully they make a blank one, or create an artist's series, that will allow for different interpretations.

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