Thursday, November 3, 2011

Holiday Yoda from Sideshow Collectibles

   Do you know who breaks into your house Christmas morning and leaves behind presents if you weren't a jerk the previous year?  If you said Santa Claus then you are dumb, cause the answer is obviously Yoda and here's the proof.  Sideshow Collectibles is giving you the chance to pay your respects to the real man behind Christmas miracles.  For only $74.99 you'll get this amazing 12 inch figure that is ready for a place of reverence in your home.  And he even comes with a bag full of stuff that he may or may not let you keep depending on how you act.  Don't push your luck with someone that can lift a spaceship out of a swamp just by thinking about it.  Click here now and start your path to redemption.

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