Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Mario Troper Enamel Pin from Playful Gorilla

    Enamel pins are the most popular thing in the world today, which is great until you literally run out of room.  Your jacket is getting short on real estate so you've got to pick and choose which ones you buy very carefully.  The easiest way to do that is to combine your favorite characters so you can represent more of what you love.  No need to thank me, I enjoy solving all of the world's problems.  You should read my ideas for closing the deficit and reforming healthcare.

    Playful Gorilla has mashed up the world's of Star Wars and Super Mario Brothers into an amalgam known as Mario Trooper.  Based on one of his giant custom figures, this pin is available for a limited preorder right now through,  and when I say limited I mean as in 25.  Those 25 will also receive a free sticker of the Mario Trooper.


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