Thursday, November 2, 2017

Simon Resin Figure from Creepy Hill

    This is Simon.  Despite his lack of muscle structure or skin he looks like a nice little dude.  I have no idea what his back story is, but I would imagine that he lives in a creepy old house that was recently purchased by a nice family.  Their youngest child, we'll say his name is David, is playing in the basement one day when a jar rolls out from beneath the staircase.  He picks it up, turning it over and over in his hands trying to see what's inside.  It is filled with a mysterious smoke that obscures his view, but being a young and curious boy he carefully unscrews the lid.  It opens with a pop and out springs a mysterious creature that is only a blur as it scurries back to the darkness beneath the stairs.  David is startled, even a little frightened, but he leans down and peers into total blackness.  Just then he hears the "click clack" of long boney fingers as they crawl across the floor towards him, and out from the void two huge, eyeless holes stare back curiously.  

     Ok, that's all you get until I secure my publishing deal.  I love the work of Creepy Hill and as you can see, I am very inspired by their latest figure.  Standing four and a half inches tall and made of resin, you can welcome Simon into your home in two different fashions.  For those of you like me who want to take things from the box and immediately put them on the shelf, there is a fully painted and assembled version for $129.  Or if you're more into the DIY scene there is a less expensive version that comes in two pieces and is completely devoid of paint for $80.  Either way, I love this little guy and you can too by visiting  

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