Thursday, September 6, 2018

Danger Dog Vinyl Figure from Tenacious Toys

    All work places should have dogs.  That is legislation that could really impact everyone's lives in a positive fashion.  Whenever someone brings a dog in where I work it instantly downgrades what is usually a fecal hurricane into a mild tropical storm.  Dealing with the public is not the unicorns and rainbows anyone would make it out to be, but a visit form a little doggie makes it so much better.

    The blue dog in the Tenacious Toys logo is like the Colonial Sanders of the designer toy world, minus the fancy white suit and all the chicken parts.  What I'm trying to say is he's instantly recognizable and just like I did with my Colonial Sanders plastic bank from the 1970's, you can add him to your ever growing collection.  Available in a painted edition, or as a blank in either blue or white, pick em up now at  Sculpted by Mike Nemo Mendez based on the art of Playful Gorilla.

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