Friday, January 11, 2019

The Thing Resin Mini Figure Series from Pickmans Vinyls

    I'm gonna have to be completely honest with you here:  I've never seen The Thing.  Yes, I'm talking about the classic horror film from John Carpenter and I'm admitting to have never watched it.  I can also say that telling you all this has not released any burden from my shoulders.  There will be no Hail Mary's or anything else that the newly confessed feel obliged to perform and the reason for my lack of atonement is there are plenty of people out the who have yet to see Star Wars.  Oh it's true and I've met them.  So until they are punished for such atrocities my minor infraction of overlooking The Thing is wouldn't even warrant a misdemeanor in the realm of cinematic crime.

    One day I will get around to watching it, but for now I have to take Pickmans Vinyls word that these new resin mini figures are indeed from the movie.  Hell, I haven't seen 50 Shades of Gray either, so I'm being really trusting here.  There will be a whole series of these, with this Spiderhead dude kicking things off.  Preorders for him begin tonight, Friday January 11th, at 8pm cst.  Each figure will come with what's known as blood points that can be redeemed for exclusive stuff once you collect three of them.  Add them to your collection today by visiting

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