Saturday, January 19, 2019

Catzilla Overbite and Underbite Lottery from Plaseebo

    Being that 3/5's of my cats sleep in bed with me I am quite thankful that they don't look like this.  It's not a knock against Plaseebo (because I actually quit like these) as much as it is my need to not wake up with a cat face like this staring me down.  I don't mind a stray tooth or two, but there's just something about having a cat that looks like it prowls around Satan's back yard greet me in the morning that is just beyond my comfort zone.

    While you may not want to find one of these in bed with you, they would look nice amongst your other toys.  The only way you can obtain one of these figures is to enter a lottery that closes tomorrow, January 20th.  Hurry up and follow these directions so you can be a part of it:

To enter lottery, please send the following to:  bob(at)
1. Name

2. Shipping Address 

3. Country

4. Telephone Number

5. PayPal Email Address

6. Instagram

Lottery winners will receive notification emails by January 21st. Figures will ship upon receipt of payment due by January 23rd. 

Each one is $350 plus shipping.  

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