Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Silver and Gold Sparkle Bite Size from Radioactive Uppercut

     I don't keep up with the phases of the moon because I work with the public and they are more than happy to act crazy whenever there is a full one.  Sometimes they don't even need any lunar encouragement to test the level of my patience, and it used to really get to me.  In my younger days I was all about arguing back if someone started to act foolish as I would be damned to let them think they got one over on me.  But as I got older I realized that the best thing to do when people are loosing their mind is to maintain a calm demeanor and totally not acknowledge their behavior in any fashion that they want you to.  There's nothing better that for a person to be screaming at you because they have some sort of issue that is in way within your control and you just calmly watch them as they wear down. This is normally the part where I would give you a recent example of this happening but I honestly do it so often that nothing stands out.  I feel that I have let you down, but if you get mad about it just know that you will yell until you're hoarse and I won't bat an eye.

   Radioactive Uppercut's Bite Size figures are much more predictable when they will transform into monsters than the average person, because they are actual werewolves.  Which, standing at 4 inches tall each and cast in silver or gold sparkly vinyl, go in sale in a matter of minutes by visiting  Go get em!

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