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Monday, October 17, 2016

Demonic Donny Resin Figure from Monsterpants

    And you thought you had some bad jobs in your life.  Could you imagine having the actual devil as your boss?  Good luck trying to update your Facebook status in the bathroom, or stealing office supplies for your at home craft projects.  Dude runs a tighter ship than a dolphin's butt and one that smells equally of digested fish.  Speaking of which (not butts, you freak, bad people to work for) Sharon and I were riding the train home from Comic Con and the dude across from us was watching footage of the employees of his restaurant on a tablet.  He was spying on the cooks, the wait staff, even zooming in on the diners as they ate.  That's the type of stuff you have to do when nobody respects you or realizes you're a licensed gun owner.  There's too much good tv on to be worrying about whether or not someone is trying to sell the cooking wine to the sketchy dude that hangs out back.  

    Monsterpants has amped up his resin productivity and has another new release waiting for you in the form of Demonic Donny.  He's doing the devil's bidding whether he likes it or not and if you were to ask him his job satisfaction is through the roof!  And it's still a better gig than working with children.  

    Add this employee of the month to your collection by visiting this link.  

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Sea-Borg Mutations Wave 2 from MonsterPants

     None of us are perfect, but it's our flaws that make us who were are.  Like, if you were missing an eye, people might call you "Cyclops Bro".  Or if you had a trash truck run over both your legs and ended up in a lawyer commercial talking about it you'd be this lady:

    That commercial makes me laugh every time I see it.  Seriously, it's absurd but I cant help it.  I even showed it to everyone I work with and they thought it was hilarious too.  I mean, there's the fact that the trash truck ran over her legs, which is kind of a funny way to get yourself injured.  And how did she end up laying on the road so a trash truck could even do that?  Did she drop her keys in the gutter?  Did a raccoon steal her keys and run into the gutter with them and she was lying there with a turkey club from Subway trying to bribe him to return them?  And her voice is so sad and pathetic and I just can't help it but then I worry that laughing makes me a sociopath, which only lasts all of two seconds.  The worrying part, not the laughing.  I'm still laughing as I type this.

    Imperfections can be awesome, just like these Sea-Borg Mutations from MonsterPants.  They're created from miscast parts, color tests, and other bits of randomness that gives each figure his own unique personality.  Bring these delightful freaks into your life when they go one sale Thursday, September 29th at noon eastern time at this link.  I wonder if she got Terminator legs after the accident?  If so I think I should go into hiding.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Battle Damaged Automatons Companion Figure from Monsterpants

    I can't say I've been in the market for a robot, though I still kinda want that little BB-8 guy, but if I was SERIOUSLY about to buy one, I'd want that sucker battle damaged.  Think about it, that sucker too, some heavy artillery to it so there's no way your house of demon cats is gonna take it out.  Unless that sucker is sooooooo battle damaged that even a Jawa wouldn't try to sell it to a group of moisture farming hillbillies.  Then you've got yourself an expensive lawn ornament.

    Monsterpants released a film called Automatons a few years ago and now they're making available a resin version of the companion robot from the film.  Today at noon you could snag one of the 12 available pieces for just $40.  And you'll get a magnet for your fridge, a postcard so you can write to yo momma who misses you, and some trading cards that will probably not work in your competitive Pokemon league, but will make you table mates jealous.  These dudes are only available from

Monday, October 6, 2014

Monsterpants Is Celebrating Halloween with a New Sea-Borg Invader Figure

    Autumn is by far my favorite season of the year and Halloween is my favorite holiday.  We don't really do much decorating, or even participate in it, because our house looks like a childhood nightmare as it is.  Other than toys, we are constantly on the hunt for antique medical items, Virgin Mary statues, and the occasional dead critter.  If our home was abandoned for a good 50 years you'd have an awesome horror film set without having to do much work.  

    This Sea-Borg Invader from Monsterpants would fit right in to our ever growing collection.  And his nice orange and black paint color scheme is also in line with our beloved Philadelphia Flyers, who hopefully will win the Stanley Cup again before I die.  This figure will be available until October 28th and is only $25.  Get one now at