Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Batman Dorbz from Funko's Vinyl Sugar Line

    Now I for one prefer my Batman a little dark and gritty, but being that I'm no longer a teenager with a closet full of band shirts and a bad attitude (ok, so I got older but the other two still stand) I'm trying to appreciate the cuter things in life.  Like these Dorbz figures from Funko's Vinyl Sugar division.  They totally make me not angry while watching a Subway commercial with that Jarad guy who lost all the weight eating those gross sandwiches.  No one is impressed any more ya idiot!  I mean, no big deal, look how cute these figures are.  Total meltdown avoided.  ( there actually was a Subway commercial on while I typed this by the way.  It's like I've invited you right into my living room without having to awkwardly wait for you to leave).   Pick up these precious little crime fighters and villains this June.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Meet Your New Toy Display: Autumn Stag from Gary Ham x Pobber Toys

    One thing that can be a downside of collecting is determining how to show off your sacred objects.  Personally, I like vintage display cases, and not because I'm snotty and refuse to use those glass cases from Ikea (though that's true) but I love the juxtaposition of old and new.  Plus, I want my house to look more like a musuem than a convenience store.

    But what if you could display your toys on another toy?  Did I just blow your mind?  Does the idea make all of your dreams come true?  Cause Gary Ham and Pobber Toys are making it happen with the Autumn Stag.  This thing is a literal beast at over 2 feet tall and is sturdy enough for you to pile on your mini figures.  You only have until April 10th to preorder one for $499 plus shipping.  Sure it's a lot of money, but your toys deserve more than compact Swedish furniture that's a pain to put together.

Preorder one now at

Monday, April 6, 2015

Heathrow the Hedgehog Blind Box Series from Frank Kozik

    Hedgehogs are freakin adorable.  In fact, they are one of those flawless creatures that make the world a better place.  I'm pretty sure they don't even carry diseases, as their cuteness has, like, anti-bacterial properties or something.  And sure they're kinda pokey, but just "hey it would be really chill if you don't try and swallow me" pokey and not "I have these terrifying spines filled with poison that will slowly melt the flesh from your bones" pokey.  If I didn't already have a house filled with cats I wouldn't mind having a pack of hedgehogs running around.

    Frank Kozik has captured the cuteness of these critters in his Heathrow character, which is now available as a blind box series.  As we speak, or type, or whatever, your favorite toy stores should have these little 3 inch vinyl dudes ready for you to collect.  Why don't you pay them a visitand become obsessed with something new?  Do it, do it.  

Friday, April 3, 2015

Vikings Pop! Vinyl Figures from Funko

    Ahhh the Viking age; where men proved their worth by raiding villages for their treasures and enslaving the women and children.  Now a man's worth is judged by the amount of arguments he can win on the internet from the comfort of his mother's basement.  The times have watered down manhood from the glory one once felt in battle to the passive aggressive wins we clamor for in the safety of cubicles.  I say ENOUGH with the skinny jeans and the depressed pictures on Facebook.  Go outside, get a facial scar, and curse out the cable company for having the audacity to drop your internet connection during Wrestlemania.  I'm still mad about that.

    I loooooooooove Vikings.  It's one of my favorite all time tv shows, though how no one has contacted me to make a guest appearance I'll never know.  The great thing about the show is that while it may take liberties to make the stories more compelling, many of the people did actually exist as did some of the events that take place.  The raids on England did in fact set up the first Danish settlement in that country, of which I am told my ancestors were a part of.  It was hand written in an old Bible my grandfather had kept that detailed his family's lineage.  And you thought my website name was just cute.  

    Needless to say, I want every one of these.  Funko will be releasing these in May and you have until then to hide anything of value, lest they decide to take it for themselves.  

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Evenfall T.O.T.E.M Thug Pugillo from 3A Available Now

    This dude looks like the Brock Lesnar of space defense robots, and he's ready to take you to suplex city.  I feel like he should come with a little Paul Heyman-esque robot that describes in vivid detail the beating you're about to take.  This massive toy stands 16 inches tall, is ready to make you it's personal man slave, and is on sale right now from 3A at  Even if you don't buy it, he still may show up at your house and choke slam you through your coffee table.  

Exclusive Harley Quinn Statue from DC Comics x Entertainment Earth

    Well hellooooooooooooooooooo nurse.  Everyone's favorite sociopathic bombshell has never looked better in the new exclusive statue from Entertainment Earth.  And like all pretty girls, this one doesn't come cheap.  She'll set you back a cool $249.99, but isn't she worth it?  Preorder her right now by clicking on the Entertainment Earth button on the right hand side of the screen.  

A Literal Pile of New Releases from Kidrobot

    Kidrobot has gone all rogue on us by unleashing new releases under the cover of darkness.  I like to think I'm a man that knows a thing or too about toys and I didn't even know a new Labbit series was coming, yet alone the fact that they're already on sale.  The "Personal Happiness" Labbits aren't concerned with what society thinks they should be doing; they're following their own dreams like Laverne and Shirley (look it up young folk).  Unfortunately, my dreams mostly consist of things with which there are laws against, like punching people in the face, but thankfully these guys don't seem to have such a propensity to violence as I do.  


    It's a good thing this 3 inch version of Homer Buddha was released, because I need something to remind me to channel my anger in a more positive direction than someone else's jaw line.  I could glue him to my dashboard for serenity during New Jersey traffic, or leave him in the mail box to counter act those bills that seem to show up like clockwork every month.  Teach me your ways, Homer Buddha, as I fear enlightenment is slowly slipping from my grasp.  

    Oh, you know I love me some Dunnys.  As of last count I have 251 different 3 inch ones, which is not nearly all of them, but is still a whole heck of a lot.  These 3 are commemorating the very first Dunnys that were released 10-ish years ago.  They were not made in equal amounts, so they won't be easy to get all of unless you pull the trigger now.  Why live with regret, when you can live with toys?  

    All of these are available now from wherever you like to buy toys, and should be up on Kidrobot's website today.