Monday, August 1, 2011

Introducing Cherry Vinyl

When two huge names in the vinyl toy world decide to come together and form a new company, that's something that even the casual collector can't help but to get excited about. Pretty in Plastic and Lulubell Toy Bodega have joined forces to create Cherry Vinyl. The first prototypes were available for a preview at San Diego Comic Con and looked pretty amazing.

The first sample is from Scary Girl artist Nathan Jurevicius and features his famous owl design brought to life in a way we haven't seen before. It reminds me of something from an antique children's book, a timeless quality that the next set of figures definitely embraces.

These are entitled "Le Chat" and are the work of Dutch artist Femke. This will be the first release from Cherry Vinyl and is my absolute favorite of the bunch. After perusing the artist's website, it was easy to not only fall in love with her work, but to hope that more toys will be produced from it (hint hint).
While I have not been able to see these figures up close for myself, anyone familiar with the work of Julie B. and Pretty In Plastic knows that the attention to detail and over all quality will be superb. We'll have more about release dates and pricing as soon as it becomes available.

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