Thursday, August 25, 2011

All Suck, All the Time

I was excited to come home today and write about the Chop Suey Rejects just released from Sucklord, but they sold out before I had the chance. But then this happened, this gem of information appeared on my screen and made me forget the pain of getting to the first story too late. The one and only Sucklord will be appearing on the next season of Work Of Art on Bravo. The first season was painful and I felt really cast a negative light on the art world. But now that the Sucklord has become involved in season 2, how could this not be a good thing? I would have to imagine it is all an elaborate joke for him, which is exactly what the show deserves. Can the rogue toy maker bring home the cash to fund his Chinatown plastic factory? Will the spandex costumes and masks make an appearance? Only if there is any justice left in this world.

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