Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jason Freeny 7" Visible Qee

This a the best use of the new clear Qees I have seen yet. Jason Freeny brings his anatomical genius to Toy2r in this 7" Visible Qee. What's really cool about this piece is that the designer himself sculpted the innards, so his vision couldn't be anymore pronounced in the toy. I'm really liking this and for $80, I just may have to get one for myself. These will release this fall, and according to a recent post on Mr. Freeny's Facebook page, he will be making an appearance at New York Comic Con this year. Does that mean I'll be able to score one in my annual "Draining of the Bank Account Extravaganza" this October? It certainly looks that way.

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  1. love love love. i own a drawing of hello kitty...big deal right? opposite of her in all her cuteness is her drawing as a skeleton. It is one of my favorite things i own and its so awesome. to have something feasible like glorious. Someone make HK next??!!