Wednesday, August 10, 2011

MAD x Kidrobot Bent World Beats

MAD must be on speed dial over at Kidrobot, because he has had no shortage of releases this year. First he had his Kidriot mascot figure, then 2 Dunnys in the 2011 series, 2 versions of an 8" Dunny, and now an entire series of new toys all to himself. That's a lot of plastic.
Playing off of the same idea as his Bent World Vandals figures of a few years back, these posture-challenged instruments are blind boxed and come in two different versions. The first is the studio version, which finds them in pretty good shape when compared to the tour versions, which have visible wear from a life of touring and loose women. You can pick these up August 25th for $9.95 each.
On the same day you can get the "2 Turn Tables and a Microphone" 3-pack that features a gold and red paint scheme. This set will cost you $29.95 and will make all of your Beck loving friends jealous.

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