Monday, September 17, 2012

Batman vs. Bane Porcelain Statue from DC Collectibles

    Well, I think we all know how this is gonna end, and it's not gonna be with peaceful negotiations.  Here we have Bane getting ready to break the back of Mr. Bruce Wayne as recently showcased in The Dark Knight Rises.  Even I went to the theater to see this one, so I don't want to hear anyone crying that I spoiled it.   Plus its been in the Batman comic lore for ages, so you should have known.  But what I'm not telling you is how Batman is healed by the the ghost of Ronald Reagan who then gives him the pass code to that Death Star he secretly built in the 80's so he could use it's space laser to vaporize Bane.  Oh dang, guess I ruined the surprise for ya.

    This porcelain statue from DC Collectibles is for the serious collector (and probably the ones with locked rooms in which they can store this away from kids and animals) cause this will set you back $325.  The good thing is that is comes out in November so you have plenty of time to start begging for someone to buy it for you for Christmas.  Or to plan a robbery.  The choice is yours.

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