Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Monsterpants NYCC Exclusive Sea-Borg

    You know what you need in your life? Don't you dare say a stack of hundred dollar bills because I worked retail long enough to be allowed to smack you for that (me: "will that be all for you today?" smarmy customer : "yeah, unless you got a stack of hundreds you wanna give me") Not one of those girly love smacks either. I'm talking about a full-on man smack sucka!

    You need Sea-Borgs in your life you silly goose you. These crazy creatures are made by the two hands of James Felix McKenney from Monsterpants. This gold edition is limited to only 20 pieces and will be $35. Visit James at the Monsterpants booth #3116 at New York Comic Con and see what other crazy stuff he brought with him.

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