Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kidrobot 10th Anniversary Toy Releases

    It's kinda hard to believe that Kidrobot has only been around for ten years.  My wallet and credit score certainly agree that it feels much longer, but it has only been a decade.  So how does a toy company celebrate such a milestone?  By making new things for you to buy of course!  There will be 2 Mini Bots for starters, the one you see pictured above all decked out like a cast member from Toddlers and Tiaras, and the one you see below that is a bit understated with just his 10 logo designed by Tristan Eaton.  The beauty queen one will be available at tons of retailers, while the 10th anniversary edition will only be at Kidrobot stores and their website.  They're $14.95 each and come out on October 12th.

    But what would a celebration be without the most famous of their products, the Dunny.  Again, the design is simple and under normal circumstances I would complain a bit,  but being it is a piece to recognize their longevity in the toy world, I think it is appropriate.  It gets the point across without over thinking it.   There are two versions of this, the first being gold, which though they didn't specify, seems like the more common of the two:

    And the silver, which will only be available at Kidrobot New York starting October 12th in limited supplies for ten days to coincide with a retrospective exhibit they're holding.  Only 300 of these were made and they will be $50.  

    But what if you really want to declare your undying devotion to all things plastic?  Well then my friends, let me show you the ultimate way to pay homage to your favorite toy company.  This is the 20 inch gold Dunny and can be yours for $400.  Only 300 of this behemoth were made to help you celebrate like the toy pimp you are.  You can get one October 25th.

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