Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Blind Bagged Teeny Tiny Terry from Baphomet Toys

     I like Halloween to the point that I keep my vintage blow mold decorations up throughout the year.  I've never had to decorate for the holiday because the house is filled with plenty of weird stuff beyond that.  As much as I enjoy the holiday we don't pass out candy because the kids freak my cats out.   You would think that they had warrants the way they scatter when anyone comes onto the porch, so we try and keep their stress levels to a minimum.  If they stay stress free then they don't run through the house like the world's smallest herd of buffalo, spreading destruction wherever they go.

   If I see kids like this roaming through the neighborhood it either means that the Purge has started, or the creations of Baphomet Toys have influenced the next generation of heathens.  Teeny Tiny Terry is just as his name implies; a wee little terror that might burn your house down if you try and give him something other than candy on Halloween.  There are 10 hand painted devilish ghouls and they are being sold blind bagged starting tomorrow (Wednesday, July 31) at 7pm pacific time.  The only way to get one for yourself is by visiting https://baphomettoys.bigcartel.com.

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