Friday, July 26, 2019

Double Feature Resin Release from HH Toys

    For some of us Friday does not mean the end of the work week, as our pain will continue to Saturday and beyond.  Sharon and I often complain about how we don't want to have to go to work, but we add lots of specifics on to the end in case someone who is listening can actually grant our request and takes things very literally.  So while we would rather go to a flea market or have minor dental surgery than be forced to deal with the unreasonable public, we don't want our not having to work be a result of unemployment.  And we also want to continue to be paid at least the same amount of money but preferably more.  You gotta add that stuff in there just in case, as getting what you wish for requires a lot of fine print.

    HH Toys is giving you something to celebrate this Friday by having a killer double feature release. First up is their first fully painted edition EVER to exist.  This monkey is freaking me out and the paint job from Michael Devera is only adding to my unease.  I've been distrustful of monkeys since I went to a rescue zoo and one played Dixie with a Cheez-It on his cage to distract me while his buddy next door was fiddling with his monkey trumpet in an unwanted display of affection.  Haven't trusted one since and don't plan to in the near future. They're limited to 12 pieces and I don't recommend taking your eyes off of them.

    The next release is sold completely blind.  What will you get?  I have no idea as I'm the last to find out anything.  There are two sculpts involved with 6 possible variants that will total 50 pieces all together.  Go on, take a gamble and then show us all what you got because I'm really nosey.

     Everything goes up for sale today (Friday, July 26) at 5pm eastern time at this link.  


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