Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Petunia Rotten Resin Figure from RenOne

    Some people enjoy having their caricatures drawn by artists they stumble upon in tourist destinations; preserving features exaggerated to comedic proportions by someone who's parents still owe a great debt to an art college.  They then frame it, hang it in a place that will ensure it never goes unnoticed by any and everyone that ever comes over, and then one day it is passed up by estate sale goers who are just unable to connect with how lit the summer of '89 in Cancun was.  Bummer.

  Now let me introduce you to Petunia Rotten, who wanted her portrait to be looked at as a treasure for all time.  The best way to ensure that is to get famous Garbage Pail Kids artist Mark Pingatore  to do it, and from that very piece things have gotten a whole lot more real.  Now she's about to make her debut as part of a new resin figure courtesy of RenOne that could easily be the first ever toy to guest on Jerry Springer.

   Like any girl I've ever know that looks like this, you're going to have to help put her life back together.  That's because the first offering of Ms. Rotten is garage kit style, meaning you get the pieces you need to build her from the ground up.  Then you can paint her however you want or just leave her blank cause a girl with a last name like Rotten doesn't need pomp and circumstance for everyone to know it.  Bad girls make the world go round and this one can add a dash of drama to yours when she's released on Friday, April 27th, from  Each kit will retail for $45.  

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