Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Story Killers: Little Red Riding Hood from Stephane Levallois X Artoyz


  It is known fact that the best way to defeat your enemy and ward off future ones is to sever their head and wear it on yours Halloween mask style. That old "head on the pike" thing is beyond passé and barely even serves as a deterrent anymore.  The smell is weird at first but no more so than the New Jersey air I breathe anyway.

   Take Little Red Riding Hood here.  Far from being dinner for any wolf, she has seperated head from neck and created herself a nice little organic helmet.  This twist on the classic fairy tale was created by Stephane Levallois and the sepia toned edition you see will be the last incarnation of this figure ever.  Produced by Artoyz and available for a special lower price until April 30th, you can add one of these limited edition sociopaths to your collection by visiting https://artoyz.com/shop/en/.

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