Thursday, April 26, 2018

"Precarious Opposition" Print from Tara McPherson

    I would be irresponsible if I did not throw out some advice for the single dudes out there when it comes to decorating your walls.  Do it.  Put pictures on your walls from art you love or else your dating life is going to be sad.  When my wife and I first started dating my walls we as pure as the driven snow and she made sure I was aware of my lack of decorating.  I didn't see the need to at the time, but apparently that sends off some real serial killer vibes.  She worked at a frame shop and you better believe the first thing she ever gave me was framed art.  Obviously my natural charm was strong enough for her to see my bare walls as a mere invitation for much needed change, but the results could have proved disastrous.

    Now less you think hanging up the periodic table of beer or a Jimi Hendrix poster is gonna cut it, cause that might actually be worse than naked dry wall.  My favorite print that Sharon ever got me was from Tara McPherson, whose art I had just discovered at the time.  Now I am beyond thrilled to share this new print from one of my favorite artists so you can also transform your home into a gallery worthy space like I have.

    Entitled "Precarious Oppositions", this limited edition of 100 fine art prints will be available today (April 26th) beginning at noon eastern time.  Each one not only comes signed and numbered, but will also include an additional print for free for those of you that order before the week ends.

    It's not only the perfect companion piece, but a great way to start your own collection.  Or to expand on the one you already have like me.  Pick them up today by visiting  

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