Thursday, January 22, 2015

Battlesaurs from Small Angry Monster x Goodleg Toys

    If this picture is not what the new Jurassic park movie is based on then I can guarantee I'll never see it.  This is why Hollywood sucks, because they'll never understand the need to have a big budget robot dinosaur movie.  They're so focused on remaking things that have already been successful that something this insane would probably send them into meltdown mode.  Who of you wouldn't go to see a movie with characters like this?  If we could mix in professional wrestling then we'd have an instant classic on our hands.  

   Movies will never be this cool, but thankfully we have the people at Goodleg Toys to keep the dream alive with their War on Prehis line of figures.  For these Battlesaurs they enlisted the help of Small Angry Monster to give them a super sick paint job.  These reptilian warriors go on sale Friday at 11pm GMT+1 (that's Berlin time) over at



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